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award winning professionalism

about us

psp angels make banking and payments easy

we are an independent payment consultancy firm, with an unbiased and honest approach


we understand and know the industry well

as the leading payment consultancy firm, we are setting new standards of excellence and innovation in the banking and payment industry

our dedicated team of experts maintains strong relationships with various banks and payment providers worldwide, ensuring you receive the latest insights about the best possible payment and banking solutions


our mission is to offer the necessary guidance, unparalleled market insights, and tailored payment strategies to optimise operation


to be at the forefront of the online payment landscape, continuously identifying opportunities, mitigating risks, and delivering exceptional solutions 


our aim is to make all payments easy


our vision is to revolutionize the payment industry by simplifying the complexities and empowering businesses with seamless and secure payment and banking solutions

the founder

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Viktoria Soltesz founded psp angels out of frustration of not having the answers to the most basic online payment questions

with over 20 years of experience, Viktoria runs an accounting and tax consulting firm in Cyprus, supporting complex and global corporate setups


Viktoria is the also the founding partner of a corporate advisory partnership with a focus on mergers & acquisitions, and partner of a boutique consultancy firm in Malta, which is aimed to improve the payments processing infrastructure for the iGaming industries

She used to lecture at the University of West London and is a well known speaker in various industry conferences and summits about blockchain technologies, financial services and the digital economy

Viktoria Soltesz
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